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Total Health (inglés) - Joseph Mercola

Congratulations! You’ve taken a crucial step on your journey to optimal health and weight by choosing to commit yourself to it. You may not recognize it so much now, but in just a few weeks, and then again in a few months, and then for the rest of your life, when you are living the wonderful health benefits this book will provide, you’ll look back fondly on this decision as one of the major turning points of your life. So let’s start with the “Mercola Essentials,” which are the basis of my dietary program, every recipe in this book, and your healthy life:
1) No matter what your health challenge is, you should eliminate or at least significantly reduce the sugars and grains, particularly the processed forms, in your diet, as you’ll find out in the next chapter.

2) Despite what some of the fad diets out there have insisted, you need carbohydrates,
protein, and fat in your diet. None of these are evil as some “experts” have made them out to be. The key is, first, understanding and choosing only the healthy type of each of these,
which you will learn in Chapter 3 and 4, and second, consuming the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat for your personal metabolic type, which you’ll learn in Chapter 5.
3) You have a unique biochemistry, or metabolic type, and certain types of “nutritious”
food are healthier for your metabolic type, while other types of “nutritious” food are
actually less so. You must know your metabolic type if you truly want to optimize your
health and fitness; Chapter 5 of this book provides you the means to do so, including the
crucial concept of “listening to your body” and fine-tuning your diet accordingly. Part Two
then provides further guidance on how to alter the recipes, and guide your eating toward
your metabolic type.

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