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Emotional Intelligence Coaching (inglés) - Stephen Neale

Charlie was an unhappy gardener. His whole life had been dedicated to growing the perfect garden, but each year he found he got the same, dismal results: the flowers died, the grass lost its colour, the weeds took over and the local wildlife stayed away. Depressed by another poor year of lacklustre results, Charlie decided to take a walk by his favourite river. Normally, this was a quiet place he could go and dwell on his failures, but on this occasion his thoughts were disturbed by a wise man si􀄴ing by the river edge. Unaccustomed to seeing anyone on this quiet path, Charlie decided to say hello. The wise man slowly turned
his head and what he said surprised Charlie: ‘It seems that you are unhappy my friend. Your eyes look sad, your posture is stooping, I see sadness in your face and your energy feels low.’ At first Charlie was surprised; a simple ‘Hello’ was all he was expecting. He was also stunned by the accuracy of the wise man’s observations and found himself agreeing with everything he had heard.

‘How could you know that?’ he replied, ‘You don’t even know me.’ ‘You don’t have to know someone to pick up on their emotions,’ the wise man replied. ‘Would you like to sit and talk? I would love to listen to what is on your mind.’ Charlie did not normally find it easy to talk to others, particularly complete strangers. But this time something was different. The sense of calmness, trust and positive energy he felt being around this man moved him towards his
quick response ‘Sure, why not.’ ‘What’s on your mind?’ asked the wise man. Charlie hesitated and thought carefully about his response. He decided to be honest: ‘I am pre􀄴y
unhappy actually. All my life I’ve wanted to be a successful gardener and all my life I have failed.’ ‘Would you like to change that?’ inquired the wise man. ‘Absolutely. I can’t think of anything that would make me happier,’ responded Charlie...

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